Delivery of the goods

0.0001 - 5.0000 KG – Price for delivery in the city of Sofia - 5.50 with VAT for each additional KG (OVER 5 KG) are added 0.50 leva.

PRICES for delivery in the country:
0.0001 - 3.000 KG – Price for delivery in the country - 7.50 leva with VAT. For each additional KG (OVER 3 KG) are added 0.50 leva.

After making an order in the electronic online shop, an employee from ASED.BG (ASED Ltd) obligatory contacts you on the listed with your registration telephone number, for a confirmation of the address and time for the delivery. The deliveries in Sofia are made to the assigned of the client address by a courier from ASED.BG (ASED Ltd.). The deliveries in Sofia are made within 24/28 hours after the entry of the order, those to other cities are made according to the timetable of the corrier company Rapido


Prices for deliveries up to 5 KG.

  Next workday Until the end of the workday Up to 180 minutes after the accepted order Up to 120 minutes after the accepted order Up to 60 minutes after the accepted order
In Sofia 5.50 leva    6.50 leva   8.90 leva   10.90 leva   12.90 leva
Surroundings of the city     18.00 leva   21.00 leva   24.00 leva  
For the whole country 7.50 leva On the territory of Bulgaria with guaranteed delivery within 6 hours of the accepted order on a price of 0. 40 leva per kilometer excl VAT.





1.The request for a courier is accepted until:
- For a delivery until the end of the workday – until 11:00 h.
- For a delivery up to 180 minutes – until 11:00 h.
- For a delivery up to 120 minutes - until 11:00 h.
- For a delivery up to 24 hours or more – until 17:00 h.
2. The delivery of packages in the Sofia city area is charged as one zone.

3. „Surroundings” are the areas: Busmantsi, Gorni Bogrov, Dolni Bogrov, Krivina, Kubratovo, Gorni & Dolni Lozen, Lokorsko, Novi Iskar, Negovan, Pancharevo, Svetovrachene, Trebich, Chelopechene, Chepinci.

4. The prices above are valid for packages with weight up to 1 kg. For every additional kg. are added 0.30 leva/kg. for all packages with delivery from 60 minutes up to 24 hours.

5.For packages for over 50 kg are paid 5.00 leva for load-unloading activities for every 50 kg started.

6. There is extra charging for keeping the courier for over 5 minutes – 2 leva for the next 5 minutes. The courier can’t be held more than 10 minutes.


(Free delivery for an order over 100 leva with VAT)


Type of cash on delivery (COD):

* We from ASED.BG won’t ask money from you in advance. The payment of the stock must be made at the moment of delivery, when the courier brings your product to a specific address.
* We from ASED.BG will strictly keep your personal data and won’t allow third person’s access to them.
* We from ASED.BG guarantee all of your rights, included in the Law for customer protection and encourage you to be active users!
* We from ASED.BG don’t add any hidden taxes! The final sum for payment is formed from the price of the item + the price for delivery. We will never require more money, than the value, pointed in your order!
* We from ASED.BG will call you before we send the chosen from you stock to give you more information and to make sure that everything on the made order is okay.
* The orders are delivered up to 2 days after the made request, usually on the next day. For the smaller cities and towns the delivery is made within 3 workdays. The deliveries are made on workdays between 9 and 18 h, they can be appointed by desire of the client to 12 p.m. or after 12 p.m., but not on a specific executing hour.
The purchased stock can be returned in a period of 7 days after its receiving, if it’s not used or with an impaired commercial form and on all other condition from article 55 from the Law for customer protection. The costs for the return of the stock are at the expense of the buyer! For contact with us use the coordinates, appointed on the page with contacts. When creating and confirming the order, each customer gives his/her agreement for the forming of a contract for purchase-selling of the chosen stock.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and ask us on the given telephone numbers: +359 2 979 49 22 or +359 896 861 469

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